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ISSA Academy

Centre for Excellence

ISSA Academy

The ISSA Academy offers capacity building and development opportunities for professionals from its member institutions.

The ISSA Academy: Learning for excellence

The ISSA Academy aims to improve and strengthen the performances of ISSA member institutions by offering access to problem-solving, learning and exchange platforms, based on the ISSA Guidelines.

The Academy Programme offers different solutions based on the needs of ISSA members, and includes Academy workshops, Diploma training courses and customized trainings.

ISSA Academy workshops

Social security managers and experts looking for hands-on support on important issues they face in their day-to-day practice should participate in the ISSA Academy workshops.

During two and half days or three days, participants will discuss challenges and discover problem-solving strategies based on the ISSA Guidelines under the supervision of an expert. Together with peers from other social security institutions in the region, they will identify solutions tailored to their specific organizational challenges and needs.

ISSA Academy workshops are offered exclusively to ISSA members without a registration fee.

Learn more about ISSA Academy workshops here.

Diploma training programme

Social security professionals looking for an extensive training on the ISSA Guidelines should participate in the Diploma training courses. The ISSA Guidelines build on international best practice in key areas of social security administration.

These courses are offered in collaboration with a group of specialized training institutions accredited by the ISSA. During five days, participants will acquire a thorough understanding of the ISSA Guidelines in a selected area, enabling them to improve and innovate the performance of their institutions.

Diploma training courses are offered to ISSA members with an appropriate fee.

Learn more about our Diploma training programme here.

Customized training

The ISSA is able to offer its members customized training opportunities tailored to their specific needs. Through dialogue, the ISSA and the member develop a plan for the training along with the appropriate fee. Interested parties should contact the ISSA Academy team.