ISSA Academy

Diploma training programme

ISSA Academy

Diploma training programme

The Diploma training programme aims to develop staff competencies on international professional standards in social security administration based on the ISSA Guidelines.

Social security professionals looking for an in-depth training on the ISSA Guidelines to build professional capacities within their organizations can participate in the Diploma training courses.

During the training, participants will get a profound understanding of one of the 13 sets of ISSA Guidelines, enabling them to improve and innovate the performance of their institutions.

These trainings are offered in collaboration with the ISSA Training Consortium, a select group of specialized training institutions specialized in social security and accredited by the ISSA located in different regions, offering the training courses in different languages.

The Training Consortium offers Diploma training courses exclusively for ISSA members on a fee paying basis.
Diploma training courses consist of three phases: a pre-training phase, a training phase and a post-training follow up. Participants receive a diploma based on the completion of the post-training assignment.

1. Pre-training phase

Prior to the training phase, participants complete a set of online activities related to the set of ISSA Guidelines covered by the Diploma training course.

2. Training phase

Participants take part in intensive and interactive training for groups of up to 25 participants with an expert trainer, either on-site or online (E-learning courses).

3. Post-training phase

Participants develop and submit an assignment that will be assessed in order to obtain the diploma, and are invited to continue to exchange with other course participants.