E-learning: Communication by Social Security Administrations

30 October–3 November 2022 | E-learning Training Platform

E-learning: Communication by Social Security Administrations

30 October–3 November 2022 | E-learning Training Platform

The ISSA Diploma programme aims to enable members of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) to gain a better understanding of the ISSA Guidelines on excellence in social security administration. This specific course focuses on the ISSA Guidelines on Communication by Social Security Administrations, designed to ensure good governance and systematic management of communication practices by social security institutions. This specialized course enables you to join a virtual global network of social security practitioners flexibly and without the need to travel.

Date: 30 October – 3 November 2022 (Period of the interactive e-learning sessions)

Language: Arabic

Training institution: The Muhanna Foundation

Training venue: E-learning Training Platform

Training course topic: ISSA Guidelines on Communication by Social Security Administrations


This course provides participants with insights into how communication can support the core mandate of their institution. Good communication coupled with modern web and mobile-based technologies improves service quality while reducing administrative costs. It does so by providing support to the various business lines of the institution, by turning specialized jargon into standardized messages that are easier to understand by the public and by providing advice on how and to whom they should be conveyed. It reduces the need to respond to individual enquiries by facilitating self-serve approaches, which in turn reduces workload for frontline staff. Communication plays a corporate role in conveying the overall image of the institution and its engagement toward the citizenry. Internally, communication fosters the development of a common culture and spirit – a shared understanding – of the institution’s mission, values and commitment to service excellence.

Who can participate?

The training course is designed for Arabic-speaking social security professionals from ISSA member institutions.

Course learning materials will be offered online in Arabic. The ability to use and access a computer with Internet is essential to participate in this course.

How to apply

Applicants should submit their registration at the latest two weeks before the beginning of the course.

Please contact the training institution to apply for this training course:

May Mounzer
The Muhanna Foundation
Qantari Area, Michel Chiha Street, Tarraf Building, 2nd Floor, Beirut, Lebanon

E: may@muhanna.com

Tel: +961 3 085840 or 1 752999


Cost of participation

The participation fee is 750 US dollars per participant (note that group discounts are available). The fee includes a learning programme of estimated 50 hours consisting of self-guided training, 15 hours of e-training sessions divided over five days, digital material, interactive and dynamic sessions presentations in a video format, group work, projects, Q&A sessions, final assignment, diploma from the ISSA and the Muhanna Foundation.