ISSA Webinar: Pension adequacy – A European perspective

28 September 2021 | Virtual

ISSA Webinar: Pension adequacy – A European perspective

28 September 2021 | Virtual

Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 10:30–12:30 (UTC/GMT+2 or CEST)

Languages: Simultaneous interpretation in English, French, German and Spanish (Simultaneous interpretation available using the Zoom App only)

Webinar organized in collaboration with the ISSA European Network (IEN)

This webinar organized by the European Network of the ISSA will tackle current and future strategies for securing adequate income protection for the older population.

Decades of pension reforms across European countries have raised doubts about the capacity of public pension systems to secure adequate benefits and prevent old-age poverty. This is particularly the case for women and more broadly for workers in non-standard employment or with interrupted employment careers.

Strategies to counter this development included the establishment of pension credits to cover periods of unemployment or child care, the introduction of incentives for participation in regulated occupational or private complementary schemes and the creation of supplementary allowances or pension guarantees to prevent poverty.

Despite these measures and in the context of ageing societies and labour market transformations, the question of adequate old-age income security for all workers remains a key challenge for social security in Europe both now and in the future.

Based on a keynote presentation of the new European Union report on pension adequacy, selected country experiences will present national policy measures and strategies for pensions adequacy.

Based on the outcomes of this webinar and the specific challenges highlighted, the IEN plans to organize additional exchanges on the key topic of adequacy.


Gertruda Uścińska Gertruda Uścińska, President, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Poland and Chairperson of the ISSA European Network
Valdis Zagorskis Valdis Zagorskis, Deputy Head of Unit, Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
Verena Zwinger Verena Zwinger, Main office, Department for National and International Fundamental Issues, Pension Insurance Institution, Austria
Jan Škorpík Jan Škorpík, Head, Actuarial Matters Unit, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czechia
Ole Settergen Ole Settergren, Director, Analysis Department, Swedish Pensions Agency, Sweden

This webinar will examine the following questions:

  • What are the current trends and projections regarding the adequacy of pension systems?
  • Which population and occupational groups are specifically affected by low benefit levels under existing pension systems?
  • What measures and strategies can be adopted to strengthen adequacy for various groups?
  • What future challenges have to be met in view of labour market and life course transformations?


  • Welcome by Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano, Secretary General, ISSA
  • Introduction by the Chairperson of the ISSA European Network (IEN)
  • Presentation of the Pension Adequacy report by the European Commission
  • Case experience of Austria
  • Case experience of Czechia
  • Case experience of Sweden
  • Q&A – Panel discussion
  • Conclusions
Jens Schremmer Moderated by Jens Schremmer, Head, Office of the Secretary General, ISSA

Practical information

The webinar is open to delegates of ISSA member institutions and invited participants without registration fee.