ISSA Academy | Africa

ISSA Academy workshop: Good governance for board members

10-12 mars 2020 | FreetownSierra Leone

ISSA Academy | Africa

ISSA Academy workshop: Good governance for board members

10-12 mars 2020 | FreetownSierra Leone

Are you a member of the board of directors of an ISSA member institution in Africa? Would you like to improve the functioning of the board and increase its impact? Register for the Academy workshop and explore options and strategies tailored to your organization.

Guidelines: ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance.

Region: Open exclusively to board members of ISSA member organizations in Africa.

Language: English.

Who can participate?
This workshop is intended exclusively for board members of ISSA member institutions. The board is the entity designated by legislation or the by-laws of a social security organization who is given the responsibility to govern the social security programme and to exercise oversight on its administration. The entity could be called board of directors, board, assembly or commission.

What are the goals of the workshop?
This workshop provides practical hands-on support for board members of social security organizations.  

Using the ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance as reference and under the guidance of an accredited expert, this workshop aims to offer practical guidance on how board members may address the challenges of the organization. The good governance framework will serve as a solid basis for exploring different approaches on how to respond to these challenges.

The participants will exchange knowledge and experiences during the three-day workshop, exploring strategies and solutions together with colleagues from different institutions and countries.

How can you participate?
When you register, you will be asked to fill out the online form “Issues to be addressed”. In this form, you are asked to write down the governance issues you would like to be addressed during the workshop. The issues provided by the participants will shape the content of the workshop.

View an example of “Issues to be addressed”

During the workshop, the participants will develop key takeaway messages together with possible strategies. This approach enables the participants to develop ideas and measures to respond to the challenges outlined in their “Issues to be addressed” form.

Each member organization may send no more than two board members to the workshop. In order for this workshop to be organized, there is a required minimum of 12 participants. No more than 25 participants can be accommodated in the workshop.


Costs for travel, accommodation and meals are to be covered by your institution.

ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance

In the context of social security administration, the ISSA defines governance as the manner in which the vested authority uses its powers to achieve the institution’s objectives, including its powers to design, implement and innovate the organization’s policies, rules, systems and processes, and to engage and involve its stakeholders.

The ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance provide ISSA member organizations with a basic framework on good governance describing social security administration in terms of four broad governance areas: financial sustainability, sound investments, member coverage and contributions, and member benefits and services and resource management.

The first part of the ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance outlines the five principals of good governance for the board and management: accountability, transparency, predictability, participation and dynamism.

The second part offers practical guidance on the nine specific areas of common concern to social security institutions: strategic planning; risk management; internal audit of operations; actuarial assessment of financial sustainability; enforcing the prudent principle in investment management; prevention and control of error, evasion and fraud in contributions and benefits; service standards for members and beneficiaries; human capital policies and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

The ISSA Academy

The ISSA Academy offers the member institutions capacity building and development opportunities for their professionals based on the ISSA Guidelines. The ISSA Guidelines are professional standards for social security administrations on 13 strategic areas in social security administration.

The ISSA Academy aims to improve and innovate the performance of the member institutions by using the ISSA Guidelines as references to benchmark their systems, methods and practices. 

The ISSA Academy consists of workshops, diploma training courses and tailored courses, all based on the ISSA Guidelines.