E-learning training course: ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance

20 septembre-1 octobre 2020 | Virtual


E-learning training course: ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance

20 septembre-1 octobre 2020 | Virtual

The ISSA Academy Diploma programme aims to enable ISSA members to gain a better understanding of the ISSA Guidelines on excellence in social security administration. This specific course focuses on the essential elements which support good governance within social security institutions. This specialized course enables you to join a virtual global network of social security practitioners flexibly and without the need to travel.

Date: 20 September 2020 – 01 October 2020

Language: Arabic

Training institution: The Muhanna Foundation

Training venue: E-learning Training Platform

Training course topic: ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance

Region: Open to Arabic speaking ISSA member institutions


The ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance offer practical guidance for the board and management of social security institutions. They address nine strategic areas in social security administration: strategic planning; operational risk management; internal operations audit; actuarial soundness; enforcing the “prudent person” principle in investment management; prevention and control of corruption and fraud; service standards for members and beneficiaries; human resource policies; and investments in information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

Who can participate?

The training course is designed for social security professionals from Arabic speaking ISSA member institutions.

Course learning materials will be offered online in Arabic. The ability to use and access a computer with internet is essential to participate in this course.

How to apply

Applicants should submit their registration two weeks before the beginning of the course.

Please contact the training institution to apply for this training course:

Ms May Mounzer
The Muhanna Foundation
Qantari Area, Michel Chiha Street, Tarraf Building, 2nd Floor, Beirut, Lebanon


Tel: +961 3 085840 or 1 752999

Cost of participation

The participation fees at the diploma programmes is USD 700 per participant (note that group discounts are available). The fee includes: 35 hours of e-training sessions divided over 5 days, digital material, interactive and dynamic sessions, presentations in a video format, group work, projects, Q&A sessions, exam, diploma from the ISSA & The Muhanna Foundation.

The Diploma training programme

The ISSA Academy Diploma training programme offers high-level training on the ISSA Guidelines for social security professionals. The training courses are provided by members of the ISSA Training Consortium.