Prevention Section

International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in Trade, Goods Logistics, and Port Handling

The ISSA International Section on Prevention in Trade, Goods Logistics and Port Handling (ISSA Trade) was established by the Bureau of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on the 25 June 2019, and became the 14th International Section of ISSA's Special Commission on Prevention.

ISSA Trade acts globally and focuses on safety, health and wellbeing in the trade and logistics industries by connecting stakeholders in order to shape responsible and sustainable international trade worldwide.


ISSA Section Trade is committed to the prevention strategy VISION ZERO: Safe and healthy work for all workers in trade, goods logistics, port handling and retail work worldwide. Given the complex global interdependencies of international trade and supply chains, ISSA Trade aims to enshrine safety and health as key business imperatives across all global supply chains.

The premise for the Section is transparent and sustainable supply chain management: where buyers are encouraged by customers, investors or employees to make their supply chain management socially and environmentally responsible; and buyers in turn pass on these requirements to their suppliers.

Main Activities

The Section will implement various activities to achieve the stated objectives, for example:

  1. Promote and improve the international exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices;
  2. Develop sector-specific international OSH standards across global supply chains;
  3. Develop international benchmarks and assessments for global supply chains;
  4. Be a strong advocate for the trade, goods, logistics and port handling industry in international and ISSA-level discussions;


The ISSA International Section on Prevention in Trade, Goods Logistics and Port Handling is hosted by the Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik (BGHW), Germany.