Bank Employees' Pension Fund

Distance telecommunication system for submitting payments of social security contributions

Implementation year

The Bank Employees' Pension Fund (CJPB) welcomed this opportunity for improvement and entirely restructured its previous system for the collection of contributions, setting up a distance mechanism (internet) based on a secure connection. This presented a number of advantages including the elimination of transfers of cash and highly sensitive information on paper and over-the counter transactions in the presence of the public, using a distance telecommunication system (SICORE) which enables those concerned to carry out all their tasks from home or wherever they choose, via the web. It also facilitated the verification of contributions, a task previously performed several months following receipt of the information, enabling it to be done entirely on-line before despatch of the payroll (50 verifications at 99 levels each). The system is constantly being improved and has been positively rated by users.

Governance and administration
Contribution Collection and Compliance