Social Security Institute of Guatemala

Financial modernization of social security

Implementation year

  • more efficient and cost-effective collection methods;
  • effective control of the registry of contributors and employers as generators of

income (contributions) and generators of expenditures (investment in the supply of medical and financial services).

Innovation emphasizes analysis, design/redesign of processes, aiming at gains in performance and results. Automation encompasses the inclusion of information technology tools that strengthen the implementation of the new or improved processes, with the respective benefits arising from the use of cutting-edge technology in information handling and integration.

The first point includes an integrated collection and management system to improve control of contributions, recovery of overdue amount, the electronic spreadsheet system for payment of contributions, the creation of individual accounts for the employer and the contributor.

The second point looks at the unique register of contributors and employers, as systems with processes focused on the unique record for each person, with updated, appropriate and integrated information.

Contribution Collection and Compliance