COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund

Inclusive COLSUBSIDIO pharmacy service for the inclusion of people with disabilities: Colombia’s first inclusive pharmacy

Implementation year

COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund (Caja Colombiana de Subsidio Familiar) designs and develops its programmes with a focus on inclusion, ensuring that everybody has the same opportunities regardless of age, gender, race, religion or disability.

The COLSUBSIDIO network of pharmacies (Droguerías COLSUBSIDIO), in accordance with its “Straightforward access to your medications, with expert advice” value promise, and aware of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities when it comes to accessing medicines and other health-care products, not to mention guidance on using these correctly, decided to create its Inclusive Pharmacy. This pharmacy offers disabled people easy access to the products they require by minimizing physical, technological, communication and information barriers. Specialist disability organizations and disabled people themselves were actively involved in its design and launch. Similarly, when it came to service delivery, we relied on someone with a disability to help us strengthen the service model.

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