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Response of the Social Security Institute of Guatemala to the COVID-19 pandemic: Flexibility measures for the benefit and protection of pensioners in the Invalidity, Old-Age and Bereaved Families Programme

Implementation year

The pandemic, which began in 2019 with the spread of the infectious disease caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has proved a challenge for all the social security institutions in the world. The pandemic has required the establishment of social protection mechanisms for the whole population, particularly the most vulnerable groups – older adults, people with chronic diseases, etc.

At the Social Security Institute of Guatemala (Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social – IGSS), the pandemic has been entirely dealt with by prioritising the health and economic protection of all affiliates, pensioners and beneficiaries since the beginning of the national emergency. Strategic actions were implemented in the case of pensions for Invalidity, Old-Age and Bereaved Families (Invalidez, Vejez y Sobrevivencia − IVS). The IGSS Subdepartment of Cash Benefits implemented technical and regulatory mechanisms to prevent vulnerable groups covered by the IVS Programme from being exposed to risk when they carried out the procedures necessary to continue receiving social security benefits.

Family benefits