Catholic Workers' Circle of the Uruguay Mutual Fund

A comprehensive approach to gender-based and generational violence

Implementation year

Tackling gender-based and generational violence (Violencia Basada en Género y Generaciones – VBGG) in the health field requires cross-cutting strategies for promoting empathetic care based on a rights-based approach to victims. This good practice began in 2007 and is focused on providing care for women, children and adolescents suffering VBGG. The aim is to ensure a synergy between all institutional action and guarantee human, professional care.

Members of our institution are the primary target. Through actions flowing from the planned strategy, this good practice also benefits communities and groups in situations of extreme vulnerability, with which we work in a spirit of commitment and social responsibility.

Many of the actions flowing from this good practice are aligned with the guidelines laid down by the Programme Area for Combating VBGG (Área Programática de VBGG) and the National Health Programme of the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay (Programa Nacional de Salud Mental del Ministerio de Salud Pública del Uruguay), within the framework of the National Integrated Health System (Sistema Nacional Integrado de Salud).

Service quality