Mexican Social Security Institute

IMSS Analytics: The importance of data in the provision of care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Implementation year

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements of the services responsible for providing care during said pandemic, the Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social – IMSS) implemented a data governance strategy designed to provide key areas with valuable information on aspects such as health, staff management, training and the monitoring of materials and supplies The aim is to facilitate decision-making through a single information source.

Though the pandemic has increased the pace of data governance, the strategy will bring lasting benefits that can be applied to all areas of the Institute as a best practice with a cross-functional and preventive impact.

The result of this initiative is based both on management and operational areas directly linked to the provision of care during the pandemic, and enables the creation of an integrated vision of its evolution as well as its needs, level of care and the exchanging of data with other government bodies in our country.

Governance and administration
Information and communication technology
Data analytics