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As we mark International Migrants Day on 18 December, the increased flow of international migration underlines the need for improved data and data sharing in respect of population movements. ISSA’s work in these areas will contribute to extending effective access to social security.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 asserts that social security is an inalienable human right. As the international community celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December, it is important to highlight the goal to realize equal access to

Death data is of crucial importance to avoid what, in administrative terms, may be referred to as the “living dead” and the “dead living”. The first group are people who have died but are registered as being alive in national records. The second group includes people who are incorrectly or falsely

Social security professionals have identified the priority challenges for social security in Asia and the Pacific. Key issues relate to closing the coverage gap, meeting health and long-term care needs and the technological transition. These and other challenges require strategic and often