New Master’s degree in social security from an international perspective

New Master’s degree in social security from an international perspective

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) has announced a two-year Master’s programme on social security from an international perspective. It will be implemented in partnership with two prestigious French institutions, Sciences Po Bordeaux and Forhom, the training centre of Egis Conseil. The new programme was first announced during the World Social Security Forum (WSSF) in Marrakech, Morocco.

The Executive Master’s in Public Performance Management and International Social Security is organized mainly remotely and includes four face-to-face sessions.

The new Master is aimed at senior social security managers who cannot invest in long face-to-face training and who wish to both enrich and certify their knowledge of public management and social protection through a university masters’ degree.

Open to any senior executive, the first delivery of this Master will be in French, with the aim of subsequently opening equivalent training in other working languages of the ISSA. While it is not necessary to come from a French-speaking country, fluency in French is essential. This first class should be formed for the 2023–2025 period. More information is available here.

This French-speaking pilot completes and deepens the training offered in this field by various members and partners of the ISSA, such as the University Diploma in "Management of Social Security Organizations" (GEOSS) by EN3S – National School of Social Security, France (École nationale supérieure de sécurité sociale).