Vision Zero in the agricultural sector

The International Section of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on Prevention in Agriculture fully supports the ISSA’s Vision Zero campaign, and has developed two new guides for individual farmers and for agricultural companies to promote safety, health and well-being among agricultural workers.

Farming is hard work and involves many dangers, dealing for example with animals and with powerful machinery and equipment. Both in developing and industrialized countries, agriculture involves hazardous work. With more than half the world’s labour force employed in agriculture or agricultural production, tackling safety and health issues is of major importance.

“The Vision Zero approach will help us develop a strong culture of safety, health and well-being among farmers and in the agricultural industry”, said Ms Aleksandra Hadzik, Chairperson of the ISSA Section on Prevention in Agriculture and President of the Agriculture Social Insurance Fund (KRUS), Poland.

Vision Zero is a global prevention campaign developed by the ISSA. It represents a transformational approach to prevention to ensure safety, health and well-being at all levels of work. The belief is that accidents at work and occupational diseases are neither predetermined nor unavoidable, they always have causes and they can always be prevented.

Building on seven Golden Rules, Vision Zero provides a user-friendly and flexible framework, which can be adapted to the needs of any business, organization and sector. The two new guides for individual farmers and for agricultural companies will be used in the implementation of the Vision Zero strategy.