Training course: ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality

18–22 March 2018 | AmmanJordan


Training course: ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality

18–22 March 2018 | AmmanJordan

The ISSA Academy diploma programme aims to enable ISSA members to gain a better understanding of the ISSA Guidelines and the use of the guidelines in improving service performance within their social security institutions.

Training institution: The Muhanna Foundation

Training venue: Amman, Jordan (to be determined)

Training course topic: ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality

Region: Open to ISSA member organizations in all regions

Language: Arabic


The training course on the ISSA Guidelines on Quality of Services will provide participants with a sound framework that brings together the main considerations on service quality in social security administration. The course will enable participants to improve their skills to integrate the element of quality into planning, delivery and improvement of the different social security services. Participants will develop a better understanding of iterative cycles and continuous improvement of operational processes. The culture of quality of service is considered as fundamental in an institution to achieve service excellence.

Who can participate:

This course is designed for social security professionals from ISSA member institutions especially participants who hold positions directly related to the quality of social security services and are interested in improving the relevant structures and processes through the application of ISSA guidelines.

How many people can participate:

Each training course has places for up to 25 participants from ISSA member institutions.

Applicants should complete the online form no later than 1 March 2018, supported by a nomination letter from their sponsoring institution indicating how the participant will be financed.

Link to registration form

How to apply for the training course:

Please contact the training institution to apply for this training course

Rana E. Reda The Muhanna Foundation
John Kennedy St., Alameddine Bldg., 1st floor
Beirut – Lebanon

Phone: 00961 1 371611
Fax: 00961 1 361611


Cost of participation:

The cost of participating in this course is 1,600 US Dollar (USD) including 50 hours of training, certificate of attendance from ISSA and The Muhanna Foundation, Training material and coffee breaks and lunch. International air travel, airport transfers, board and hotel accommodation are excluded.

The diploma training programme

The ISSA Academy diploma programme offers high-level training on the ISSA Guidelines for social security professionals. Each training course combines on-line assignments and on-site training on a specific set of ISSA Guidelines. The training courses are provided by members of the ISSA Training Consortium.