Section on Prevention in the Chemical Industry


The ISSA Chemistry Section consists of a small number of highly-committed members (see list of members).

The ISSA Chemistry Section welcomes new members interested in supporting a non-profit-making organization (on a voluntary basis) which is committed to improving safety and health protection worldwide.

The Section offers various types of membership. Interested organizations and individuals are invited to complete the application form for prospective members.

What are the advantages of membership in the ISSA Chemistry Section?

Non-members can participate in the Section's symposia and can order brochures directly from the Section.

Membership offers the following advantages:

  • You can help shape the work of the Section and introduce your experience directly.
  • You can take part in the Section's working groups and profit from the very latest, practical know-how.
  • Members of the Section will help you directly in technical or specialist issues.
  • You can take part in the Section's symposia at reduced fees.
  • You obtain a free copies of all of the Chemistry Section's publications.

Types of Membership

The Chemistry Section has two types of membership:

Full members

Non-profit-making organizations and members of the International Social Security Association, Geneva, who are involved in the Section's operations or wish to promote these.

Associate members

  • Profit-making organizations and companies involved in the Section's operations or wanting to promote these.
  • Experts in the form of individuals involved in the Section's operations.

Associate members have an advisory function in the Members' Meetings.

Application for membership

Membership application form