Section on Prevention in the Construction Industry


The International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in the Construction Industry brings together institutions and individuals who are engaged in the promotion and implementation of occupational safety and health in the construction industry.

In order to provide a comprehensive worldwide exchange of experts, the Section is always interested in attracting new members from all countries of the world:

The joint development of strategies, methods and new instruments at international level is of great importance in order to positively influence health and safety in the construction industry worldwide.

Everyone involved in the construction industry is concerned by the Section's activities.

As a member of the Section on Prevention in the Construction Industry you will benefit from numerous advantages:

  • involvement in a global ISSA section
  • professional exchange with experts from other countries
  • participation in working groups focused on specific concerns in the field of construction
  • access to international subject-specific publications

The Section has members from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership:

Ordinary Member:

  • Affiliate and associate members of the ISSA as well as other non-profit institutions, which have competence in the subject matter, may become members of the Section.
  • Organizations like research and technical institutions, universities, associations and stakeholders whose activities are related to the prevention of occupational risks in the construction industry.

Annual membership fee for ordinary members: 580.00 €

Corresponding Member:

  • Individuals and other interest groups who are experts in occupational safety and health protection in the construction industry.

Annual membership fee for correspondent members: 137.00 €

Application for Membership

To apply for membership, please download the application form, complete it and send it to the Secretariat of the Section ( Your application will then be examined by the Section-Bureau (Board).

Membership application form