Section on Prevention in Trade, Goods Logistics, and Port Handling


Section on Prevention in Trade, Goods Logistics, and Port Handling


The International Section of the ISSA Section Trade brings together institutions and individuals who are engaged in the promotion of occupational safety and health in the Trade, Goods Logistics, Port handling and Retail Work.

Its members actively support the Section in all its activities. The Section Trade is eager to increase its membership to develop its international support and to fulfill its international mission due to globalization in trade.

Institutions interested in the Section´s work are welcome to join as members.

See list of members.

Benefits of membership

  • Get in touch with international key players, stakeholders, suppliers and experts and become a partner in a global independent network of companies and stakeholders in trade, goods logistics, port handling and retail work
  • Benefit from good practices of all members
  • Participate in working groups focusing on the various issues in trade
  • Play an active role in shaping a sustainable trade by creating international standards, recommendations and tools  
  • Access to branch-specific publications and online material
  • Get the latest information
  • Benefit from reduced fees for congresses and sections’ activities like symposia or seminars

Types of membership

The ISSA Trade Section is composed of ordinary members and corresponding members.

1.  Ordinary members

  • Affiliate and associate members of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and institutions forming part of a federation of institutions, government departments, agencies or other entities being an affiliate or associate member of the ISSA and  
  • All organizations which have competence in the subject matter and whose goals are consistent with those of ISSA Trade but are not qualified to become a member of the ISSA, like enterprises, suppliers, technical institutions, universities, research institutions, associations and all other stakeholders of the trade sector.
  • The annual membership fee for ordinary members amounts 1.000 EUR.

2.  Corresponding members

  • Individuals  and experts in the prevention of occupational risks in trade, goods logistics, port handling and retail work
  • An annual membership fee for corresponding members amounts 120 EUR.

All Section members may participate in Section activities.

The standing orders are available upon request per email.

Application for membership

If you are interested to become involved in our mandate and activities, please download and complete the application form by specifying the main objectives of your organization to the Secretariat of the Section Trade, Goods Logistics and Port Handling and send it either by mail or by email.