World Social Security Forum




Take part in this global campaign promoting how social security protects people.

The World Social Security Forum (WSSF) 2019 has the theme Protecting people in a changing world. Building up to the WSSF, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) invites its members, partners and anyone who believes in the importance of social security to share stories about how social security protects people in a world marked by rapid technological, demographic and economic change.

In particular, we would like to highlight the role of social security institutions.

Did you know that the 321 ISSA member institutions in 156 countries provide social protection to more than 3 billion people?

Share your stories through social media and other channels, videos, photos, interviews and other means of communication.

The ISSA aims to integrate strong stories from the campaign into the WSSF programme.

Campaign hashtag:       #protectingyou2019

Event hashtag:              #ISSAWSSF

ISSA on twitter:             @ISSACOMM


Join the ISSA Communications Network and promote the WSSF

The ISSA is setting up a new Communications Network to boost promotion of the crucial role of social security in today’s world. Building on the momentum of the World Social Security Forum and the #protectingyou2019 campaign, all ISSA member institutions are invited to join this important network.



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Accessing social security through new technology


Prof. Dr. Joachim Breuer, ISSA President


Sujin Jung, Korea Worker’s Compensation & Welfare Service


Amed Bamba, CNPS, Côte d’Ivoire