ISSA Branding and logo


ISSA Branding and logo

The logos, artwork and other material on this page require authorization for use from the ISSA Secretariat.

ISSA visual identity guide

ISSA Visual identity guidelines

Event branding: Guidelines and good practice


Minimum space around ISSA identity

A package with different logo versions (different languages, colours, eps, png and jpg versions) is available for download (ca 60 MB). You need to uncompress ("unzip") the package before use. .eps versions are for professional designers. .png and .jpg versions are for Office use. .jpg versions should only be used on white paper/background, .png versions are transparent.

ISSA corporate fonts

Office fonts

For most documents that are produced within the ISSA using standard office software.

  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • DFP Kai Std (for Chinese)
  • Adobe Arabic


For documents produced using specific design software. External designers working for the ISSA should contact ISSA Promotion if they need any one of these.

  • Vialog LT Com
  • Minion Pro
  • Frutiger Neue LT Cyr (for Russian)
  • Noto Sans CJK SC (for Chinese)
  • Adobe Arabic