Prevention section

International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water

Prevention section

International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water


The objectives of the International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water are:

  • Reduction of the number of electrical accidents
  • Improvement of electrical safety standards at work
  • Achievement of good safety and health practices in the electricity, gas and water supply industries and in electrical installation workshops.

These are the Section´s principal objectives, which it endeavours to achieve through close cooperation with its members from various European and overseas countries.

The Section´s original objective was restricted to the prevention of occupational risks due to electricity. In later years, its scope was extended to other sources of energy such as gas, water and long-distance heating. A special task within its scope is radiation protection.

The defined objective of the Section is:

  • to engage, at the international level, in activities designed to promote safety in the generation and distribution of electricity, gas and long-distance heating, as well as safety at work in public water utilities and in the use of electricity and gas in industry.

What means of action does the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water use to achieve its objectives?

In pursuit of the above stated objective, the Section:

  • encourages the international exchange of information and experience among its members, organizations and persons interested in the Section´s activities, particularly by
  • organization of international meetings
  • undertaking surveys and studies in special working groups
  • collecting and disseminating information on electrical safety issues and latest findings relevant to safety improvements.

How does the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water respond to new developments and needs?

Due to its expertise, the Section is able to identify new problem areas resulting from new developments and changes in technology in good time. It thus constantly adapts its scope to new requirements and challenges.

Originally, the Section´s activities concentrated mainly on conventional electrical risks such as electric shock and arcing. Then it gradually extended its interest to other fields such as electromagnetic fields and ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Besides the traditional technical problems, organizational and psychological aspects of occupational safety and health have increasingly been included in the Section´s scope, such as:

  • occupational safety and health management
  • management responsibilities
  • management techniques
  • basic and advanced training,
  • influencing human behaviour
  • the role of the human factor in accident prevention etc.

Another important task of the Section is to help developing countries to improve electrical safety standards by providing advice on efficient prevention strategies and developing training programs tailored to the needs of the countries concerned.

For more information please consult the standing orders of the International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water.


The Section is composed of members. Its two executive bodies are the General Assembly and the Board.

The Board of the Section is elected by the General Assembly. It consists of the Chairperson and two Vice-Chairpersons as well as the of Secretary-General. The Secretary General of the International Social Security Association, Geneva, belongs to the Bureau in a consultative capacity.

The Board of the Section conducts the Section's regular business and develops its programme of activities.

The General Assembly consists of the ordinary members of the Section. It is responsible for the Section's functions and decides on its programme of activities.

Members are entitled to propose subjects they wish to be treated within the scope of the Section´s working programme.

The Secretariat of the Section is based in Cologne, Germany, "Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse BG ETEM" (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the energy, textile and media products sectors).

Traditionally the general manager and a senior officer of the "Berufsgenossenschaft" are elected respectively Chairperson and Secretary-General of the Section, as the "Berufsgenossenschaft" provides the personnel and means required for the functioning of the Section's Secretariat.

The Secretariat of the Section coordinates the Section´s activities, acting as the liaison office between members.

Board Members


Martina Hesse-SpötterMartina Hesse-Spötter, Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse, Köln, Germany.


Peter McCormickPeter McCormick, EA Technology London, United Kingdom.

Antonio de Cos BlancoAntonio de Cos Blanco, Fraternidad Muprespa, Madrid, Spain.

Secretary General

Jens JühlingDr. Jens Jühling, Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse, Köln, Germany