Shaping social security through innovation


Shaping social security through innovation

The world is changing faster and faster. The expectations of the people we serve are increasing exponentially. The only real constant is change! How can we keep up?

In a word: Innovation

Enhancing the capacity of social security institutions to adapt and meet the challenges of the future is fundamental to fulfilling their mission and long term success.

Leadership for innovation

Innovating requires the courage to challenge the status quo and to try something different. It requires teamwork and collaboration. It requires tolerance to risk and a willingness to learn from failure. It requires the creation of a safe work environment that is open and welcoming to new ideas, no matter where they come from. All of this requires decisive leadership.

ISSA and innovation

We are the only global organisation created by and for social security practitioners. Our mission is to help you to manage and innovate to meet the challenges of a changing world. Innovation is not without risk. We can help you mitigate these risks by providing you with opportunities to exchange with colleagues from around the world who are faced with the same difficult challenges you face.

We do this through our world-class World Social Security Forum, International Technical Conferences, Technical Seminars and Regional events. There you will learn directly from the experiences of others: the challenges faced, what worked best and what worked less.

We provide information on the latest trends through the Digital Economy Observatory. We examine key issues through the Technical Commissions. We transfer knowledge through the Centre for Excellence, including the ISSA Academy, ISSA Guidelines and Good Practices.

The ISSA connects you with the work of leading institutions and networks such as the ILO, the World Bank and the OECD, the BRICS and the G-20.

The ISSA: with you every step of the way.