Federal Administration of Public Resources

Digital labour and social security documents - One-stop shop for data (digital payroll)

Implementation year

A joint project by the Federal Administration of Public Resources (AFIP) and the Ministry of Labour which simplifies employers' obligations and reduces the administrative burden related to "work" and "social security", ensuring the quality and consistency of information.

The application involves uploading a file each month, making it possible to fulfil all obligations in a single act and to obtain the following documents in digital form:

  • The paybook required by the Employment Contracts Act at both national and provincial level; previously this was compiled manually and retained by the employer.
  • The Certificates of Work, Services and Remuneration that employers were required to hand over to employees at the end of their employment.
  • The sworn payroll declaration of all payments and contributions to: social security, health insurance, occupational risk and life insurance that employers must declare and pay monthly for their employees.

This prevents duplicated exchanges of data between different state bodies, simplifying the process through a one-stop shop system. A unique piece of data for all purposes and all state bodies.

Governance and administration
Contribution Collection and Compliance
Service quality